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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Pierre E. Neis

Job Lean Agile Coach
email pierre [at] wecompany [dot] me
Skypeid pierre.neis
Phone number +352 661 727 867
Company We&Co
City (Country) Luxembourg | Brussels | Paris | London | Lausanne | Beirut
Time 1h30
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop > 100 attendees
Level Sensitized

Agile4HR... Hacking corporate culture


Pierre, Senior Lean Agile Coach, launched October 2014 an initiative called Agile4HR to bind HR and Agile people. 80% of my time transforming organisation into Agile Organisations 5% training people 10% facilitating workshop and conferencing 5% try to imagine a better work life balance


After a one year roadshow in various countries, the first Agile4HR patterns are emerging. Some of them are very useful some of them only inspirational. People from HR wanted to understand what agile is, and Agile people explained that Agile will change corporate culture and we should co-create a new way of doing things. The workshop/conference will address: - the evolution of work - why Agile culture can help to bind the people with respect to diversity - Scrum and Scrumban can be seen as management-make-it-easy techniques - Agile Coaches and Scrum Master as Operational HR people To make it fun, we will try the Agile Animal Farm game to illustrate all these points.



Benefits for the attendees

Understanding of the impact of Agile in organisational structures and corporate culture. Explaining how Agile and HR should be best friends for ever!

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